This DVD presents a comprehensive learning system for Hapkido practitioners from beginner to advanced levels. What is Hapkido? HAP means to join, to concentrate; KI the vital energy; DO the way and its crossing. All together: ''The way of the union of energies.'' Hapkido is a collection of techniques and knowledge in terms of control of the joints of the body, tendons, ligaments and muscles; breath and blood strangleholds, and direct hits on vital points, which constitutes a complete and efficient defense system.
Hapkido got its modern structure in the middle of the 20th century thanks to Master Choi Yong-Sool. It resulted from a mix between the samurai's Yamara (Daito Ryu School of Master Takeda) and the Korean Bi-Sool.

Instructor Philippe Pinerd shows fundamental elements about Hapkido training, using his long experience of practice in South Korea. In this DVD Haki Sul techniques are demonstrated, and are filmed using two cameras which makes them easier to learn and to understand. This DVD demonstrates: falls, releasing, wrist locks, locks using clothes, arm strikes, leg strikes, defensive attacks, etc.

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Hapkido-A Comprehensive System from Beginner to Advanced-Philippe Pinerd

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