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Bruce Lee, the legend of martial arts and motion pictures, first studied wing chun kung fu in Hong Kong under the tutelage of Yip Man. When he came to the United States, Bruce Lee developed a concept of martial arts for the individual man that he labeled jeet kune do – the way of the intercepting fist. His first book, Tao of Jeet Kune Do, became a standard in the martial arts field. It was followed by Bruce Lee’s Fighting Method, a series of four volumes compiled by Lee’s friend and student M. Uyehara.

This DVD covers the first two volumes of Bruce Lee’s Fighting Method: Basic Training and Self-Defense Techniques.

Topics include:

  • warm-ups
  • basic exercises
  • on-guard positions
  • footwork
  • power training
  • speed training
  • self-defense techniques

Demonstrating these self-defense techniques on the Bruce Lee’s Fighting Method: Basic Training and Self-Defense Techniques DVD are Ted Wong and Richard Bustillo.

Ted Wong trained with Bruce Lee toward the later stages of jeet kune do’s development, becoming Bruce Lee’s last major private student. Ted Wong has appeared with Bruce Lee in the jeet kune do techniques photos in Bruce Lee’s Fighting Method books and is considered to be Bruce Lee’s protégé, being one of four to receive direct certification from Bruce Lee. After Lee’s death, Ted Wong chose not to teach jeet kune do publicly; instead he established a semiprivate, nonprofit school in San Francisco in 1990.

Richard Bustillo is the director and co-founder of the International Martial Arts and Boxing Academy in Carson, California. He has more then 30 years of experience in the martial arts and is a senior instructor of Bruce Lee’s jeet kune do techniques. A member of the Black Belt Hall of Fame, Richard Bustillo is always in high demand on the international martial arts seminar circuit.

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