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Master Wong’s JKD Body Weapon is the culmination of all his training that teaches you to turn your body into a lethal weapon, Body Weapon can be defined simply but truthfully as ‘What I touch, I break!’.

Incorporating content from all of Master Wong’s systems it effectively utilises techniques from Wing Chun, Tai Chi, Military San Shou and many more.
In our System we have every single facet the martial arts world has to offer, but only from the undiluted source of Chinese origin.
Pain is an important part of training as it teaches an appreciation of how it is inflicted and received through receiving pain yourself and others within training technique.

In Master Wong’s JKD you must walk the walk as well as talk the talk. That is why we SHOW you what we offer in real time, demonstrating and explaining what we are, what we represent and exactly what we have to offer.

“The system Bruce Lee created was his life’s work I
refuse to pollute it , I can only contribute to it”

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