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Learn the Ouchi Gari from American judoka Angelica Delgado who is one of the most highly decorated athletes in the entire sport of judo
These are the techniques that helped her win Bronze Medals at the Pan American Games in 2011 and 2015. With these moves she has earned more than 20 World Cup medals
In 2016, she represented the USA at the Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro and you can learn her game plan
In Ouchi Gari, Angelica Delgado is going to give you all of her secrets to the most important throw in the sport of judo
What Will You Learn?
The Ouchi Gari is one of the foundation movements of judo as layed down by Jigoro Kano.
Angelica Delgado has been studying the Ouchi Gari for nearly 20 years since her father Mario Delgado who trained with the Cuban National Team began teaching her when she was 9 years old on mats in the backyard of their Florida home.
She will share all the steps and grips that allow her to enter into the Ouchi Gari from every possible position in the same highly detailed way that she has learned over the past two decades.  These are the skills that got her to Rio in 2016 as one of the top ranked judokas in the world. And she’s here to share them with you.
So What’s on this series?
Part 1
Ouchi Gari (Right v Right)
Traditional (Sleeve/Overhand)
Off the Grip (from Lapel)
Forward Ouchi
Backwards Ouchi
Uchi mata to Ouchi
Kouchi to Ouchi
Sasae Tsurikomi Ashi (RVR)
Traditionial (Sleeve Overhand)
Osoto to Sasae
Part 2
Osoto Gari (RVR)
Osoto Otoshi
Same Side Osoto
Sasae to Osoto
Sode Tsurikomi Goshi (RVR)
Traditional Right
Traditional Left
Same Side Lapel Sode
Grip Break Sode (One Arm)
Sode to Osoto
Osoto to Sode Left (Same Side)
Part 3
Uchi Mata
Sticker to Uchi Mata
Left on Right (Front Step Uchi Mata)
Left on Right Ken Ken
Kouchi to Uchi Mata
Ouchi to Uchi Mata
Part 4
Snap the Sleeve Down to the Overhand
Hiding the Sleeve
Pistol Grip Break
Defending Against Sankaku
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