Creating Kuzushi by Israel Hernandez


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Creating Kuzushi by Israel Hernandez
Attack powerful throws with technique and precision with Cuban Olympic medalist Israel Hernandez's coaching
One of the world's most sought after judo coaches shows his unique way of gripping and throwing that anyone can use for huge results
Grip with a plan and throw with purpose with Israel Hernandez's ultra technical seio nages and uchi matas
Learn Israel's palanca pinning system that is as effective as it is innovative
Know more, win more
Work your game from these innovative grips and combinations, always staying one step ahead with these subtle tricks from one of Cuba's most sought after coaches.
Israel takes you through some of his most high percentage throws and pins, and explains in great detail exactly how to attack from angles and grips that people don't see coming. Level up your judo with these four volumes that are packed with gripping attacks, big throws, and the newaza secrets that helped make Israel a force on the international scene for years.
Attack your throws with technique and strategy with Israel's coaching around how to find the most leverage and power for your ippons. Learn how anyone can use these powerful seio nages and uchi matas, with the easy to follow technical adjustments that Israel teaches to his own students.
With different grip options and unusual entries, you can always have a powerful attack ready to go with Israel's system for bringing opponents right where he wants them.
Learn the secrets behind Israel's signature newaza attack, the palanca. This pin is his go-to once he's on the mat, and he takes you through the system he's developed for hitting it effectively over and over. Turn even the most stubborn opponents and training partners and transition from pin to pin with Israel's palanca, always having another answer ready for whatever defense you run into.
Develop your newaza into one of your strongest tools using this Cuban style pin that brought Hernandez to Olympic glory and beyond.
With four volumes packed with Cuban secrets, this is a perfect series for anyone who wants to level up their judo and attack with technique and style. Attack with powerful throws and move on the ground with a purpose with Israel's detailed instruction around every position.
With gripping exchanges, entries and finishes to some of judo's most effective throws, and a ground game that is as effective as it is innovative, Israel Hernandez's Creating Kuzushi is a road map that any judoka can use to get a greater understanding of the sport from an Olympic-level technician.
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