Tachi Waza Intensive by Satoshi Ishii


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Tachi Waza Intensive by Satoshi Ishii
Dominate the standing position with the most comprehensive TACHI WAZA resource available.
Learn the GOLD MEDAL takedown blueprint of the legendary Satoshi Ishii.
Introduce your opponents to the ground--the hard way-with this TAKEDOWN encyclopedia.
Take everyone down regardless of their defense.
Dominate the standing position with the most comprehensive TACHI WAZA resource available.
Learn the GOLD MEDAL takedown blueprint of the legendary Satoshi Ishii.
What Will You Learn?
Satoshi Ishii was one of the youngest and lightest heavyweights to ever win OLYMPIC GOLD. Defying the odds with the same PERFECT STAND UP TECHNIQUES he shows on TACHI WAZA INTENSIVE--he will have you throwing your opponents and training partners like there’s no gravity. Until they hit the mat that is.
They say most fights end up on the ground--but those same fights started on the feet. This tool will make sure you get the opponent there with ease.
So, What's On This Series?
This four volume series covers a lot of ground--so get ready to soak in this mix of Old School and New School Judo. Satoshi Ishii does not hold back on the techniques in this series. Guaranteed to be a resource that will have you dumping opponents onto the mats for years to come.
So, What Exactly Do You Get?
Part 1:
Tai-otoshi. Basic technique
Tai-otoshi. Timing: how and when to execute the tai-otoshi 
Tai-otoshi. Specific, complementary drills to train and perfect the tai-otoshi 
Tai-otoshi. Moving training: how to drill the tai-otoshi while moving 
Tai-otoshi. Variation against an unbroken grip
Grip Fighting. Extra tips #1 
Tai-otoshi. Variation against an opponent in an opposite stance
Part 2:
O-goshi. Variation
Combination. Fainting the tai-otoshi to enter the ouchi-gari 
Ouchi-gari. Satoshi Ishii specialty explanation of technique and successful execution. This is Satoshi's most-used competition technique. 
Tai-otoshi. Variation: one-handed tai-otoshi technique 
Kochi-gari. Basic technique
Training tips. Drilling: how to emphasize drilling and successful mental approach to drilling Judo techniques 
Combination. Fainting the osoto-gari to enter the ouchi 
Tai-sabaki. Defensive body movement/repositioning for Judo
Part 3:
Osoto-gari. Moving training: how to drill the osoto-gari while moving
Sasae Tsurikomi Goshi. Basic Technique
Ouchi-gari. Moving training: how to drill the ouchi-gari while moving
O-goshi. Moving training: how to drill the o-goshi while moving 
Tai-otoshi. Variation: using the throw set-up to bring the opponent to turtle position 
Osoto-gari. Moving training: circling with the osoto-gari 
Uchi-mata. Variation: using uchi-mata against an opposite stance
Part 4:
Ouchi-gari. Satoshi Ishii specialty executing against an opponent of opposite stance
Grip Fighting. Extra tips #2 
Grip Fighting. Extra tips #3 - emphasize on using movement in the wrist, elbow, and shoulder
Judo strengthening skills: drills to improve strength for specific Judo movements 
Osoto-gari. Variation: when opponent has a deep, high collar grip
Tai-otoshi. Basic technique 
Uchi-mata. Basic technique 
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