Basic Judo Leg Grabs by Shintaro Higashi


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Basic Judo Leg Grabs by Shintaro Higashi
Don’t limit your takedown arsenal, learn Judo Leg Grabs with Shintaro Higashi.
There is a reason that major tournaments banned leg grabs, they are TOO effective!
Perfect for Jiu-Jitsu athletes where leg grabs are permitted.
Exploit a hybrid style approach that combines the best aspects of stand up grappling.
Shintaro teaches you how to approach Leg Grabs as a system, instead of flashy one-off techniques.
Kick it old school, with the classic Kata Guruma!
Don’t rely on superior athleticism for a big throw, instead incorporate Judo Leg Grabs to secure the takedown efficiently!
Shintaro Higashi is a great resource for anyone looking to learn raw technique that doesn’t require any special attributes like size, or speed. He previously released Judo Basics which gave you a great foundation to utilize in IOC approved rulesets. Now he shifts his detail oriented approach towards flat out effective techniques focused around grabbling the legs!
Basic Judo Leg Grabs focuses on classics like the double leg and high crotch takedowns and blends them with a unique Judo approach. A major difference between a double leg in wrestling and a double leg in Judo is that there is a Gi involved. Grips can negate many traditional wrestling techniques. Shintaro shows you how to use your Judo skills and transfer them into high level takedowns that have been tested over and over throughout combat sports. There is even a specific section dedicated to putting it all together!
Shintaro even has a section to the banned Kata Guruma. While there are legal variations to this technique, the most effective ones involve grabbing the legs. Higashi dives deep on finishing details based on how your opponent will react as well.
Basic Judo Leg Grabs blends together Shintaro’s unique experience in the grappling world. Not only is he a red and white belt in judo, he was an all-state wrestler. Don’t limit yourself to one ruleset and learn to use Leg Grabs to effectively bring your opponent down. The instructional wraps up with Shintaro showing you how to look at leg grabs like a system instead of singular techniques. Blend pre-2008 Judo with modern Judo with Basic Judo Leg Grabs!
So, What's On This Series?
Part 1:
Double leg takedown l-morotegari 
High C 
Single leg takedowns 
Putting them together 
Entries through the arms
Part 2:
Attacking the legs from the sleeve grip, right vs right
Leg attacks off lapel grip, right vs right 
Strategy for lefties 
Cross body leg pick
Part 3:
Yoko Kataguruma 
Failed Kataguruma finish 
Double leg sleigh 
How to approach the leg grabs as a system 
Using Ashi Waza to setup leg grabs 
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