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Olympian Matt D’Aquino shows you EVERYTHING he does using the Cross Grip.
Use this unorthodox takedown approach to open an all-new avenue of attacks.
The Cross Grip Formula allows for some slick Seoi Nages that don’t require speed!
Matt also goes in-depth on his standing armbar and kimura series that applies your skills from the feet.
The Cross Grip Formula provides a unique look at both offensive and defensive gripping, and executing attacks. Instead of using the traditional and common straight grip, learn why the cross grip can be safer, more dynamic, and give you more options. While it is less common, it’s ability to open up attacks is hard to deny. Olympian Matt D’Aquino is here to lay out his formula to mastering the cross grip!
Take your opponent by surprise with this unorthodox system! Typically your opponent will be protecting the typical lapel grip instead of the cross grip. Matt goes over both defending your opponent’s grips, as well as how to obtain the Cross grip. Right from the beginning of Cross Grip Formula, Matt explores how to use multiple gripping options that compliment the cross grip and get to throwing.
Many throws are slightly adapted using the cross grip. Matt covers ouchi, kouchi, and osoto gari variations using the powerful cross grip. What’s even better using the cross grip is seoi nage variations. The former Olympian teaches you ways to link your techniques together and make your approach even more effective.
On top of top-tier throws Matt covers two standing submission series in the standing armbar and kimura. The cross grip not only lends itself to tricky throwing combinations, but also can open up brutal submissions to finish the fight quick! Counter a circling opponent using the cross grip and expose them to Matt’s standing attack series!
To finish the instructional Matt covers some of the dangers of using the Cross Grip Formula. No strategy is foolproof, however Matt sheds some light on common mistakes and weaknesses that can be exploited when using the cross grip. Most importantly Matt covers how to create tempo and get the action flowing in your direction before your opponent has a moment to set up shop!
Learn how to change up your grip strategy with Cross Grip Formula By Matt D’Aquino! Check out all of the action down below!
So, What's On This Series?
Why the cross grip
Different ways to get the cross grip 
Elbow high 
How gripping links together 
Seoi nage 
Morote seoi nage 
Ouchi gari 
Osoto gari 
Kouchi gari into forwards techniques 
Stephen Dott Sode tsuri komi goshi 
Kouchi gake 
Tai otoshi
Straight armlock from a cross grip 
Ude garami 
Ude garami into sumi gaeshi 
Armlocks, into sumi into Kouchi makkikomi 
Cross grip, snap down into uchimata 
Guillotine and guillotine options 
Grip Breaks 
Danger of cross grips
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