Mastering Movement Seoi Nagi Specialist by Loic Pietri


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Enjoy an all-encompassing guide to one of the most beautiful throws in the art of Judo with Seoi Nage specialist Loic Pietri
Surprise your training partners and opponents multiple setups for the seoi nage that come out of nowhere
Master the proper movements necessary to create seoi nage energy and effectiveness
The seoi nage is one of the original 40 throws of Judo and though it is certainly a flashy crowd-pleaser, it is also one of the MOST EFFECTIVE ways to remove an opposing party from their feet! Seoi nage specialist Loic Pietri will be your guide to all things seoi nage as you explore the MANY FACETS AND UTILITIES of this beautiful throwing technique!
So, What's On This Series?
You’ll begin with ideas on connecting the seoi nage to kouichi, as you learn the PROPER MOVEMENTS to set up your entries and transitions. You'll receive advice on CREATING OFFENSE, taking advantage of the proper openings at the right times, and even dealing with left-handed players to ADD VERSITITLY to your game. Pietri will also reveal a beautiful drop seoi nage counter near the end of the instructional that's as practical as it is beautiful!
So, What Exactly Do You Get?
Part 1:
Kouchi Left on Right
Drop Ippon Seo Nagi to Kouchi 
Seo Nagi Osoto Gari 
Reverse Seo Nagi left right 
Reverse Seo Nagi Right Right 
Defending High Hand
Part 2:
Creating offense from Sode 
Standing Ippon Seo Nagi Left right 
Standing Ippon Seo Nagi Right Right 
Drop Seo Nagi
Countering Drop Seo Nagi 
Maintenance left handed 
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