Seionage Basic To Advanced by Israel Hernandez


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Seionage Basic To Advanced by Israel Hernandez
Cover Ippon Seoi Nage from the early beginning stages all the way to advanced!
2x Olympic Bronze Medalist, Israel Hernandez provides easy to follow concepts that will have you landing SLICK Seoi Nages.
Learn how to grip and use angles to create unique entries into the Seoi Nage.
This 4-part instructional gives you a complete blueprint on how to execute the Seoi Nage and its effective variations.
Understand the inner workings of Seoi Nage so you can throw, and not be thrown!
Israel Hernandez is a 2x Olympic Bronze Medalist, and one of his preferred attacks is the Seoi Nage (the shoulder throw). It is easily one of the most exciting throws in all of Judo. The Seoi Nage also has multiple variations that make it a versatile platform to base your offense off of. Seoi Nage Basic To Advanced covers strategy for beginners as well as crafty vets!
Seoi Nage Basic To Advanced is dedicated to laying a foundation that makes your approach to Seoi Nage more effective. Israel helps you get a grip on your opponent with his tricky approach to snagging sleeves and latching onto lapels. Seoi Nage can be launched from multiple grip configurations, and Israel covers them all. Once you have your grip, you’ll learn how to create advantageous angles that put your opponent out of position. 
Israel covers multiple variations of the Seoi Nage including Eri and Morote Seoi Nage. On top of these variations, Israel teaches you how to combine them with some other attacks in your arsenal. There is a section called Fusion Techniques where you combine techniques like kouchi with ippon seoi nage. This dual approach to classic techniques leaves your opponent with little option to defend. This provides you more of a systematic approach where you always have an option of attack!
To wrap things up Israel flips the script and covers defensive strategies and counters to the Seoi Nage. This multi-faceted approach provides insight on how to defend the Seoi Nage and how to counter it. Learn how to negate positional advantages that your opponent gains, and keep yourself in the match. Block elbows, use footwork, and even cartwheel your way out of the Seoi Nage.
When the match starts its throw or be thrown, and Israel gives you a comprehensive approach to landing Seoi Nage. Whether you are just starting out or are looking to add a systematic approach to Seoi Nage to your game Seoi Nage Basic To Advanced has you covered!
So, What's On This Series?
Part 1:
Ippon Seoi Nage 
Type of Grip
Traditional grip in and out 
One lapel v opposite 
Two lapel v opposite or same side 
Cross grip v same or opposite 
Angles Intro
Body Work 
Body position 
Leg Work 
Shoulder work 
Standing and drop seoi 
Part 2:
Foot Work
Basic Step 
Jump Forward
In Backward 
Deep Penetration 
Body Rotation
Type of Seio Nage 
Ippon seoi Nage 
Morote seoi Nage (Grip In) 
Morote Seoi Nage (Grip Out) 
Eri Seoi Nage vs same or opposite
Two Lapel Seoi Nage vs same or opposite
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Rilis April 2020
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