Mastering NoGi Takedowns by Travis Stevens


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You don’t need a Gi to land big time throws and takedowns, and Travis Stevens is here to show you how.
Adapt your Judo game to No Gi!
Learn how to utilize no-gi grips to gain similar advantages over your opponent as you would with the gi.
Cover offensive strategies from the overhook and underhook, as well as No Gi Footsweeps.
Create kuzushi just like you would with the Gi and catch your opponent off guard!
Jiu-Jitsu finds itself in a unique place when it comes to takedowns. Both formats of competition, gi and no-gi, have their own unique style of takedown. Also, adding the dimension of guard pulling tends to make things even more tricky! If you are used to gi grips adapting to no-gi can be difficult, but Mastering No Gi Takedowns looks to change that. 
Travis Stevens is well known in the marital arts world as an Olympic medalist in judo and a black belt under John Danaher in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and now he is bringing his grappling knowledge about takedowns to you. One of the major goals of this instructional is to give grapplers a game plan on how to approach no-gi, and how to make necessary adaptations to make your Judo work without the Gi.
Let’s say you aren’t savvy to the slick ways of Judo. No worries! Travis’s approach can be applied to your takedown game regardless of experience. There are some unique benefits from learning Travis’s style of takedowns, instead of say a folkstyle wrestling or a traditional Judo approach.
Mastering No Gi Takedowns gives you a road map on how to put your opponent into dangerous territory, allowing you to successfully land your takedowns. Part 1 focuses on the basics of positioning and grips. Here he covers everything from overhooks, underhooks, pummeling, russian ties, and MORE! Part 1 lays the foundation for the rest of the instruction where you will use the fundamental concepts Travis explains to help you execute offensive techniques.
Part 2 and 3 focus on your favorite Judo throws adapted for No-Gi using the underhook and the overhook. These two grip configuration play a vital role in controlling your opponent. Instead of lapel and sleeve grips, these two positions will play the role of creating kuzushi and setting your opponent up for your offense. Techniques like Harai Goshi, Taio Toshi, Ko Soto Gari, Ouchi Gari all find their place with Travis’s system. 
If you thought you were going to have to forget about foot sweeps without the Gi, you will be pleasantly surprised! Mastering No Gi Takedowns finishes up with a whole section dedicated to landing fine-tuned foot sweeps. Travis pulls out all of the stops, and provides a comprehensive takedown overhaul specifically designed for No Gi!
So, What Exactly Do You Get?
Part 1:
Basic positioning and grips 
Explanation of Over hook vs Under hook
Two on one 
Front head lock offense 
Under hook to front head lock 
Over hook to front head lock 
Front Head Lock to Snap down Go behind
Front Head Lock to single leg
Part 2:
Underhook Offense
Harai Goshi
Taio Toshi 
Ko Uchi Ankle Pick 
Deep Ko Uchi 
Knee O Soto
Part 3:
Overhook Offense
Hopping Uchimata
Ko Soto Gari
O Uchi Gari 
Tai Otoshi
Part 4:
NOGI Footsweeps 
Basic walking and set up 
Advanced movement and feel 
Russian tie offense
Uchi Mata 
Sumi Gaeshi 
Ko Uchi to ankle pick 
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