The Progressive System: Canto Choke Mastery by Flavio Canto


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Olympic Medalist and Judo icon Flavio Canto teaches you a complete masterclass in how to use the move he is famous for - The Canto Choke
Lock on the Canto choke from tons of positions, including open guard, passing from top, turtle, and more
Study the Progressive System that Flavio has developed that helps students improve quicker using his learning tools
The Canto choke can be used to finish fights in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, judo, and more, in lightning quick effectiveness
Flavio Canto is one of the most respected judokas in Brazilian history, winning at the elite levels of the sport with a dynamic and exciting style of attack
Master The Canto Choke With The Innovative Olympic Medalist and Judo Icon Flavio Canto And Systematically Learn To Attack This Lethal Choke From Anywhere
Learn Flavio Canto’s progressive system for judo and grappling with this complete guide to the Olympic medalist’s signature technique, the Canto choke. Across this series you will learn the gi choke that took judo by storm and became a staple technique for elite competitors to this day.
The Canto choke was an innovation that Flavio developed with his Progressive System. Study his legacy with this important system for rapid grappling improvement with Flavio’s advice on progressive improvement with this creative but effective technique.
Use the Canto choke from tons of positions, top and bottom, with Flavio’s techniques from a variety of common positions. Lock on the Canto choke from side control, open guard, half guard, De La Riva, turtle, and more with Flavio’s careful breakdowns of the finest points for success.
So, What Exactly Do You Get?
Part 1:
Introduction & History Of The Progressive System 
My History 
Developing The Progressive System With Principles & Concepts
The System in Action 
The System in Action 2 
The System in Action 3 
Canto Choke Basics 
Canto Choke Introduction 
Explaining The Instruction 
Basic Canto Choke From Open Guard 
Basic Canto Choke From Half Guard 
Basic Canto Choke From Seated Guard 
Basic Canto Choke From Standing Transition (Tomoe Nage) 
Countering The Stand Up Defense
Solo Drills For The Canto Choke #1 
Solo Drills For The Canto Choke #2
Partner Drills For The Canto Choke #1 
Partner Drills For The Canto Choke #2 
Partner Drills For The Canto Choke #3 
Partner Drills For The Canto Choke #4 
Part 2:
Passing The Guard
Introduction to The Canto Choke While Passing
Partner Drills For Guard Passing Canto Choke
Basic Canto Choke From Top
Canto Choke Variation Against A Shoulder Post 
Details For The Choke While Passing
Progressive Transition From Leg Grab To Canto Choke
Side Control 
Introduction to Side Control Canto Choke 
Solo Drills 
Canto Choke From Side Control
Part 3:
Half Guard Top
Introduction to Half Guard Canto Choke 
Solo Drill #1 
Partner Drill #1 
The Canto Choke From Half Guard Top 
Solo Drill #2
Canto Choke Variation From Half Guard With Lapel Control 
Partner Drill #2 
De La Riva Guard
Introduction to Canto Choke From De La Riva Guard
Partner Drills 
Canto Choke From De La Riva Guard 
Finishing Detail
Back Control 
Introduction to Canto Choke From The Back
Canto Choke From Turtle
Canto Choke From Standing to Back 
Canto Choke Variations 
Bottom Side Control 
Half Guard Variation
Closing Thoughts 
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