Not Judo by Joel Tudor and Magid Hage

Master A Wide Range Of Effective Takedowns, Trips, and Throws With BJJ Pioneer Joel Tudor and Magid Hage!

Lacking confidence in your takedowns? Joel Tudor is here to help with a battle-tested system that anyone can learn and use to score more secure takedowns, trips, and throws!
Upgrade classic techniques like the single leg with effective setups and overlooked finishing details that will help you score more singles than ever before.
Simplify sophisticated Judo throws with Joel’s unique “not judo” style where he makes complex throws easier than ever!
Learn to consistently use movement to your advantage and put opponents into vulnerable territory for a wide range of not Judo takedowns!
Joel’s teaching style is entertaining and easy to learn from since he is a longtime BJJ black belt and has helped some of the best BJJ athletes in the sport including Jeff Glover and Magid Hage!
Magid assists in instruction and provides numerous anecdotes from his highly successful competitive career.
Take your standing skills to an all-new level with a wide range of counters, single legs, trips, ankle picks, and MORE with BJJ pioneer Joel Tudor and Magid Hage!

Part I
Single Leg Entry
Stuff to Low Single Leg Collapse
Tough Guy Collar Tie to Single Leg
Hip Check Ankle Pick
Tough Guy Collar Tie Two on One to Osoto Gari

Part II
Two on One to Inside Trip
Pummel to Sucker Drag
50 YearOld Hip Throw
Outside Trip
Single Leg Counter

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release 23 March 2024
Not Judo by Joel Tudor and Magid Hage

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Not Judo by Joel Tudor and Magid Hage

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