Mastering Uchi Mata by Travis Stevens

Build yourself a solid foundation with uchikomi that focuses on building the strength, timing, and footwork required to pull off ALL variations of Uchi Mata.

Keep your opponent on defense with combinations that set up Uchi Mata.
Traditional, one step, over hook, and one handed variations of this classic throw are broken down into easy to follow steps that put you in perfect position to put your opponent flat on their back!
The Ratchet Uchi Mata is a unique variation that gives you a quick counter to your opponent’s defense.
Learn all aspects of Uchi Mata from beginner to advanced with Travis Stevens!

The Uchi Mata is widely regarded as one of the most effective turning throws even at the highest level of competition. Whether it’s the IJF-Circuit or the Olympics, Uchi Mata is used at all levels and weight classes. So, what makes this throw work for everyone?

The mechanics of Uchi Mata make it available for people of all ranges. It is a technique that doesn’t require superior strength, all that is required is proper timing and execution! Travis Stevens, 2016 Silver Medalist in the Olympics, knows a thing or two about timing and execution. Mastering Uchi Mata kicks off with a series of Uchikomi drills that lay a foundation to build on for the rest of the instructional.

Travis covers methods of drilling that sharpen all aspects of your Uchi Mata. By segmenting individual portions of Uchi Mata, you can focus on specific things like strength and mobility. Once you have a solid understanding of these key components Travis teaches the traditional Uchi Mata. These uchikomi drills can become a regular part of your routine to build your Judo-specific endurance!

After you have a good feel for the traditional approach to Uchi Mata, Travis goes in depth on various variations that will keep your opponent guessing. These set ups build off of the uchikomi drills, so you can easily add to your Uchi Mata arsenal! Variations like The Ratchet Uchi Mata give you an option of attack even when your opponent successfully defends.

Part 3 of Mastering Uchi Mata teaches a great way to force a reaction from your opponent with the Ko Ouchi Uchi Mata. Travis teaches you how to make your opponent react in a way that leaves you in perfect position for the One Step Uchi Mata. Become an Uchi-Mata Machine with Mastering Uchi Mata!


Part 1
Uchikomi for strength and mobility 
Uchimoki basics
Lifting Uchikomi
Power Uchikomi
Traditional Uchimata

Part 2
Ouchi Uchimata 
One Step Uchimata 
Over Hook Uchimata 
Ashi Uchimata 
Kan Kan Uchimata

Part 3
One Handed Uchimata
Ratchet Uchimata
Taio Uchimata
Cross Grip Uchimata
Ko Ouchi Uchimata

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Mastering Uchi Mata by Travis Stevens

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Mastering Uchi Mata by Travis Stevens

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