Jay Rods Judo by Jay Rodriguez

Perfectly Integrate Judo Into Your BJJ Takedown Arsenal With The Expert Guidance Of Jay Rodriguez - One of BJJ's Fastest Rising Stars and and ADCC Trials CHAMPION!!

Jay Rod’s Judo is a 3-part, behind the scenes look into the latest innovations and strategies of BJJ Phenom Jacob Rodriguez!
Jay Rod is one of the most exciting grapplers in the sport and his electrifying style starts with his skills from the standing position.
Discover consistent methods of inserting effective underhooks and overhooks to set up your offense, as well as how to efficiently clear both common tie ups.
Build a complete offensive toolkit from both overhook and underhook positions including Jay Rod’s favorite takedowns, trips, and throws from each position.
Cut through the guesswork of the standing position with Jay Rod’s helpful insights into all-aspects of fighting from the underhook and overhook including positional maintenance, off-balancing techniques, and more!
Take your standing skills to the next level with the latest insights and innovations from rising BJJ superstar Jacob Rodriguez!

Jay Rodriguez is a highly accomplished grappler, having won numerous championships and tournaments throughout his career. Some of his notable accomplishments include winning the IBJJF Pan American Championships as a brown belt in 2018 and as a black belt in 2019, and winning the ADCC North American Trials in 2019, throughout his career he has been using takedowns and a modern approach to no gi judo.

This instructional incorporates a modern approach to no gi judo, not many people have been able to create an effective system that used judo at the highest level but Jay rod has. In this instructional you will learn the basics to advanced techniques that actually WORK. Jay is an incredible competitor but he is also an incredible instructor that makes things easy to learn. 

This is a great instructional for any no gi practitioner who is looking to level up their stand up with unique techniques that they know work! Most people use wrestling in no gi, and while Jay discusses this, judo is under utilized. 

Part 1:

Inserting And Clearing Underhooks And Overhooks - Inserting Underhook
Inserting Underhook From Distance
Inserting Underhook From Distance From The Hip
Overhook Low Stance   
Overhook Upright Stance

Part 2:

Overhook - Near Side Trip      
Hip Throw To Ankle Pick       
Loading Hips   
Interlaced Fingers - Quick Throw      
Leg Hook       
Far Arm Control Throw         
Russian Double From Rear Bodylock       
Fireman's Carry

Part 3:

Underhook - Loading Hips     
Foot Sweep   
Foot Sweep To Knee Tap    
Snap Knee Tap    
Creating Movement With Snaps And Footsweeps  
Duck Under       
Duck Under Opposite Side    
Rear Body Lock Reach Around      
Body Lock Foot Sweep Options    
Collar Tie   
Collar Tie Shrug

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Jay Rods Judo by Jay Rodriguez

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Jay Rods Judo by Jay Rodriguez

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