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Warm Ups & Principles, PLUS Taiotoshi: This DVD opens with of warm-ups and rolls before moving to hand positioning, foot positioning drills, basic throws, drills for when your opponent is at low level and standing. Taiotoshi (body drop): Working off your center line, footwork, Taiotoshi against a shorter person, Taiotoshi against someone of the same size, and Taiotoshi against someone bigger. Hand placement and foot positioning on different size opponents. Dealing with left on right and vise versa and much more!

Hip Throws: Ippon Seoinage & Ouchi Gari: Arm and foot positioning, using your center line, modifying Ippon Seoinage for competition. Using it effectively against short and tall people. Plus grips and drills for balance on Seoinage. Ouchi Gari: Foot and hand positions, deep Koouchi, scopping your opponent’s heel. Head positioning, gi grips, finishes from this technique. Plus entry into armbars and a lot more!

Uchimata: David opens with the Push version, covering hands, foot and head push down. Then follows the swinging version. Straight Uchimata. The crucial pull foot placement is detailed, then turn head, jumping Uchimata, spinning Uchimata, and one step Uchimata. Some combinations are explained, including Kouchigari/Uchimata one step. Ouchigari/Uchimata hook at the knee and turn.

Katagaruma: Katagaruma How grips vary by size is detailed. Then lateral drop (foward, side and back). Katagaruma with a sit down, in many forms, including front,side and back, plus the Pedro version (one leg up and one down). The Seionage version of Katagaruma is taught, for both gi and no gi, on a variety of opponents. Combinations include Kouchigari/Katagaruma.

Newaza & Transitions: This DVD covers attacking from behind with choke and armbar. Sankaku (Triangle choke) is shown in unparalled detail, including Sankaku legs to pin, Sankaku from the guard, Sankaku from back, and the Stepover Sankaku. Plus pressure over to a pin. Ude Garame (Key lock) pin in both directions.

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