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2-Time Olympian Taraje Williams-Murray and Olympian Rhadi Ferguson, Ph.D. are pleased to announce the release of their new DVD  “Ugly Judo 101: Morote Gari”.

When asked about the importance of this DVD, Taraje said, “This DVD has revolutionized the way that Judo is played and has really allowed the Brazilian Jiujitsu Player to get an in depth look at Judo and to see exactly how it differs from wrestling.”  Due to the inherent emphasis and focus that judo puts on the standup game in the gi, there are so many things that can be learned by the brazilian jiujitsu player.

Dr. Ferguson chimed in, “To be honest with you my purpose for creating the DVD was to let the judo player and coach know there are some techniques out there that can greatly increase your chance of winning and put you in a great position for beginning your groundwork. There are also moves that equalize the game.”

If you want to really make an impact on your grappling game Ugly Judo 101: Morote Gari is what you need.

-Discover the number one mistake that people make with Morote Gari

-Uncover the little known secrets and slight, but super important, modifications that you must make to the technique when fighting same side or opposite side opponents (“right vs. right” and “right vs. left“)

-Discover how you can actually make your opponent seem ‘light as a feather’ and pick them up with the greatest of ease (one of my clients, who calls himself and his son a “pipsqueak” launched one of his opponents into the next stratosphere and his son who is clearly outsized is able to do Morote Gari at will)

-Understand why people request Rhadi Ferguson and fly him internationally just to SOLELY teach Morote Gari and why I was asked to teach this technique at the number one Judo Center in the United States just recently

-Understand how utilizing Morote Gari will actually increase your grip fighting skills EXPONENTIALLY

-Uncover the secrets to the “distance game” and how to make objects “closer than they appear”

-Get the secret to how you can literally be in front of you opponent but in ‘steal mode’ ready to pounce on them for the finish

-See and Use the EXACT same exercises that I utilize and give to my personal clients as mandatory movements when it comes to perfecting Morote Gari

-How to use Morote Gari to flow seamlessly into newaza with little to no effort

-How to make EVERY Morote Gari a success

-The Exact Gripfighting interations and sequences that you need to use in order to make Morote Gari successful (this little known secret has been literally destroying your success rate with this technique)

-How to COMPLETELY ROCKET-LAUNCH your opponents and disorient them and stun them, thus leaving them helpless just awaiting the application of your well-timed submission

-Hear an in-depth discussion by Olympians Rhadi Ferguson and Taraje Williams-Murray where you will clearly understand the plethora of options that you have and those which Morote Gari will give to you

-Understand the secrets of No Hand Judo

-Discover how to close the distance on your opponent without him even knowing (this right here is the best secret of all time. Here’s the way you can get anybody with this technique)

-Get the inside secrets of the technique that launched me all the way to the Olympic Games

-Discover why doing Morote Gari like the wrestling double leg takedown WILL NOT work for you (I know. Wrestlers come to me to fix their double leg for gi grappling)

-Apply the techniques you learn from Morote Gari for No-Gi competition as well

-Discover the secrets to starting and finishing Morote Gari (it’s not what you think. You will be pleasantly surprised)

-Discover EXACTLY why your double and single leg isn't working and what you can do to immediately "tweak" your Morote Gari so that it works all the time (here's a little secret, even if you don't throw the person, it's still working)

-Uncover the little know gripping setups that nobody has ever taught you because nobody knows (you are absolutely going to kick yourself in the rear for not seeing this earlier)

-Enjoy what it feels like to beat people that are better than you and hear them complain about them being more technical than you while they are watching you get your 1st place medal from the bleachers

-Feel 100% Secure in the fact that you now know that you can beat anybody at anytime no matter what

-Find out the secrets of No Hand Judo and how your movement patterns can expose your opponents weakness to Morote Gari

-Discover why the Mongolian in the 100 kilogram weight class at the 2008 Olympics used this technique (you will now know why he was able to win the Gold Medal in Beijing. Once you get this technique down it is unstoppable)

-Learn the newaza transitions secrets and the funky Brazilian Jiujitsu techniques that you can use to maximize Morote Gari from its initiation to completion

-Discover the inherent newaza weakness that doing Morote Gari creates and how you can capitalize on it

-See how Taraje and Rhadi were able to use Morote Gari to take over the match and control the tempo, pace and tenor of the match

-Discover all of this and so much more...

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