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Master Sang H. Kim-Former Special Agent, creator of JunSado... what you are invited to learn AFTER you demonstrate great skill in Tae Kwon Do at his school in Connecticut. Also holds an M.S. and a Ph.D. Voted best instructor throughout Korea, very generous in his teachings.

This DVD is also quite generous... It contains twice, BOTH "Wrist and Aressting Locks" as well as "Combat Strategy"... essentially teaching the viewer how best to counter attack and then apply multitudes of Wristlocks, Arm Bars, and a great deal more, to pinning the assailant.

Wrist And Arresting Locks begins with the primary JunSaDo wrist locks, it is best to start at the beginning, as the DVD's fluidity is designed to take each lock to yet higher levels and applications. Master Kim makes it a point to explain quite clearly and eloquently each and every technique, as well as reviewing the techinques repeatedly both in real-time and slow motion ensuring easy learning absorption.

Learning from these advanced techinques will give you the "upper hand" either in your training environment/s or really wherever you may be confronted. JunSaDo is not well known, easy to apply, extraordinarily quick, excruciatingly painful, all making even martially trained attackers at your mercy with just the slightest chance as all the techniques are easliy applied... from the clinch to the pin. It should be noted that it is not the intent to use these techniques to break bones, or dislocate limbs or joints, however it is pretty clear that they all will or sets them up for it if taken to the extreme.

This DVD is also a great resource for Law Enforcement Officers who are interested in easier restraint and control than what typical training provides.

Overall, the DVD is worth twice as much than what is asked, and I'd recommend absolutely anything with Master Sang H. Kim's generous teachings.

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