Secrets of Championship Karate-Kumite For Black Belt-Elisa Au


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"Elisa Au is the 3 time WKF World Kumite Champion! Learn from the best female fighter in the world!" --

"Learn the drills and training that have made Elisa Au unstoppable in competition!" --

"One of the reasons for Elisa's outstanding success is her ability to combine tradition karate with state-of-the-art Olympic style training." -- Black Belt Magazine
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In this DVD Elisa kicks it up a notch or two for those black belts who really want the tricks. Her clever and unusal little techniques will most certainly make a world of difference when you jump into the squared circle. She will show you much more then on the beginners DVD but we must warn you in advance this DVD is not for beginners.

You will learn Kicking paddle drills, mobility drills, partner speed drills reaction and reflex drills. Plus throwing techniqiues for competition that will take you to an all new level as far as a competitor goes.

Elisa Au demonstrates technique combinations she uses on the world stage along with insight on to her personal fighting methods that has led to her success. Overall, there is a lot of very good tips and teachings and this is a movie you'll have to see more than once to pick up on everything. But remember watching DVDs does not equal training so if you want to improve on anything you have to put into practice what she shows you.

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