This features the most advanced techniques of Full-Contact Karate including lessons from the president of Shinkyokushinkai-Kenji Midori.This is also the first DVD to Shin Kyokushin Karate that has an English subtitled comprehensive introduction. No formal techniques. Only competition variations. This incredible collection is available in a 4 DVD box set.
DVD 1: 
Instruction by Suzuki Kunihiro 
-Kamae from Sanchin Dachi 
-Confirming the details of Kamae 
-Basics of First Contact 
-Against a defensive opponent 
-Against an offensive opponent 
-Against a larger opponent 
-Against a smaller opponent 
-Against an orthodox style opponent 
-Against a southpaw style opponent 
-Seiken Zuki 
-Chudan Mawashigeri 
Instruction by Yamada Kazuhito 
-Increasing Punching Speed 
-Double Punches 
-Moving on an axis and striking 
-Counter punch against low kick 
-Counter punch against straight punch to the chest 
-Counter Punch with fending off the opponent's knee kick 
-Kicking with the same body movement to punch 
Instruction by Kanemitsu Nozomi 
-Maegeri from the front leg 
-Maegeri from the back leg 
-Finishing with a Maegeri 
-Fake Mawashigeri to Chudan Maegeri 
-Inside lowkick to Axekick 
Instruction by Midori Kenji 
-Two straight punch to Jodan Mawashigeri 
-Two straight punch to Chudan Mawashigeri 
Special Program No.1 
-Various ways of Training 
Special Program No.2 
-An Interview with president Midori Kenji 
DVD 2: 
Instruction by Tsukamoto Norichika: 
-Three axes 
-Center plane 
-Kamae with your front leg side arm access 
-Secret of "Mach Geri" 
-Mawashigeri with the front leg 
-Mawashigeri without stepping 
-Mawashigeri with stepping 
-Gedan Mawashigeri with the front leg 
-Gedan Mawashigeri with the right front leg to Uchi Mawashigeri 
-Kick after one step on purpose 
-Secret of Domawashi Kaitengeri 
-Domawashi Kaitengeri after creating a distance 
-Domawashi Kaitengeri after parrying opponent's Maegeri 
Instruction by Roman Nesterenko 
-Make opponent off the balance by Gedan Mawashigeri followed by Ushiro Mawashigeri 
-Maegeri followed by Jodan Hizageri 
-Jodan Mawashigeri followed by Seiken Zuki 
-Uchioroshi Zuki followed by Nidan Hizageri 
Instruction by Mori Kenta 
-Kicking after grabbing your trouser bottom 
-Irregular Tobi Mawashigeri 
-Jodan Hizageri after blocking the opponent's one-two punch 
-Nidan Maegeri followed by Jodan Hizageri 
Instruction by Takezawa Tsuyoshi 
-Left Seiken Zuki followed by Right Shita Zuki 
-Shift the attack depending on the opponent's Kamae 
-Fake kick followed by Tsuki 
Instruction by Midori Kenji 
-Shita Zuki followed by Uchioroshi Zuki 
-Uchioroshi Zuki followed by Shita Zuki 
-Tsuki after parrying the opponent's Tsuki at an angle 
-Fake Shita Zuki followed by Shita Zuki 
-Jumping in and throwing a volley of punches 
Special Program No.1 
-Training variation 
-Balance ball training 
-Footwork training with the image of having a tail 
Special Program No.2 
-An Interview with president Midori Kenji 
DVD 3: 
Instruction by Tanigawa kou 
-Close fighting 
-Uchioroshi Tsuki 
-Sandan hizageri 
-Counter axekick 
-Ax kick combination 
-Step on ahead 
-Step around on Tzuki 
-Step around on uke 
-Step around after making the opponent off the balance by bending the knee 
-Step around using fake step 
-Step around using tzuki 
Instruction by Osaka Yushiro 
-Counter techniques 
-Counter right shita zuki in response to opponents left chudan zuki 
-Parrying the opponents left chudan zuki followed by counter left shita zuki in response to the opponents right chudan zuki 
-Parrying the opponents left chudan zuki followed by counter uchimatageri 
-Parrying the opponents left chudan zuki followed by counter jodan mawashi geri 
-Right hizageri followed by left jodan mawashigeri 
-Left cross counter yokogeri for the opponents right outer thight kick 
Instruction by Sato Yoshitaka 
-Left chudan mawashigeri followed byleft seiken zuki 
-Left jodan mawashigeri followed by left seiken zuki 
-Right gedan mawashigeri followed by left shita zuki 
-Left tzuki followed by jodan mawashigeri 
-Right jodan mawashigeri 
Instruction by Noboto Naohiro 
-Gedan mawashigeri 
-Gedan mawashigeri to the inner thight of the back leg 
-Seiken zuki folowed by uchimata geri 
-Uchimatageri in response to the opponents attack 
-Kick to the opponents outer side of the leg. 
Instruction by Midori Kenji 
-Fake jodan mawashigeri followed by Tsuki 
-Fake mageri followed by irregular jodan mawashigeri 
-Fake maegeri followed by foot sweep 
-Parrying Tsuki by changing the position followed by counterattack 
-Counter attack using ushirogeri 
-Exchanging punches followed by counter uchirogeri 
Special program 1 
-Training Variations 
-Follow through kick Mitt 
-Shadow training 
-Shadow training facing each other 
-Training with Mitt 
-Training with big mitt 
-Ken ken low 
-stepping on the belly 
Special program 2 
-An Interview with president Midori Kenji 
DVD 4: 
Includes more top level Kyokushin Karate instruction by Tsukagoshi Takayuki, Yamamoto Kensaku, Donatas Imbras, Valeri Dimitrov, Koizumi Hideaki, and Midori Kenji. 
Tsukagoshi Takayuki 
-Uchioroshi Zuki 
-Uchioroshi Zuki followed by Gedan Mawashigeri 
-Uchioroshi Zuki followed by Maegeri 
-Counter Maegeri 
-Jumping Tsuki 
-Step to block the opponent's way 
-Pushing away the close opponent with Hijiuchi 
-Gedan Mawashigeri to the opponent's back leg 
Yamamoto Kensaku 
-Right (back leg) Jodan Mawashigeri 
Full swing Jodan Mawashigeri and Snap Jodan Mawashigeri 
-Tsuki followed by Jodan Mawashigeri 
-Left Jodan Mawashigeri 
-Jodan Ushiro Mawashigeri 
-Counter Ushiro Mawashigeri 
-Position of Ushirogeri and Position of Ushiro Mawashigeri 
Donatas Imbras 
-Dodging the opponent's Gedan Mawashigeri followed by Chusoku Chudan Mawashigeri 
-Empi Oroshi Uchi to Shita Zuki 
-Shita Zuki from wide-open Kamae 
-Parrying the opponent's Tsuki, and Jodan Hizageri followed by Tsuki from under your knee 
-Jodan Hizageri and Shita Zuki at the same time 
Valeri Dimitrov 
-Valerikick (Gedan Heel Kick) 
-Valerikick followed by Right Shita Zuki 
-Valerikick followed by Left Shita Zuki 
-Fake Valerikick followed by foot sweep 
-Jodan Mawashigeri or Jodan Hizageri from the same position 
-Shita Zuki followed by Ushiro Mawashigeri 
-Seiken Zuki at the three times followed by Ax Kick 
-High kick from close position 
-Long Ranged Step 
-Kake followed by Ax Kick 
-Gedan Ushiro Mawashigeri 
-Counter Gedangeri 
Koizumi Hideaki 
-Gedangeri by the front leg 
-Right Tsuki followed by Right Hizageri 
-Left Tsuki followed by Right Gedangeri 
-Right Gedangeri followed by Tsuki 
Midori Kenji 
-Counter Mawashigeri 
-Jumping Ushiro Mawashigeri 
-Exchange of Tsuki followed by Counter Kick 
-Attack from the opponent's blind spot by stepping aside 
-Counter Shita Zuki against Gedangeri 
-Punch at the same time as the opponent's landing 
Special Program No.1 
-Training variation 
-Hitting the body 
-Hitting the thigh 
-Hitting the shin 
-Physical training of fist and shin 
Special Program No.2 
-An Interview with president Midori Kenji 
Special Program No.3 
-Valeri vs Donatas Sparring
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Born To Be Strongest-Kyokushin Karate Instructional 4 DVD Set

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