Introduction to Tennen Rishin-ryu Kenjutsu : "Gekiken practice" called "kendo's ancestor" for real fighting by Kato Kyoji
Striking! Grappling! Throwing!
Gekiken Practice: The system of Kondo Isami, captain of the Shinsengumi and his lineage’s dojo, Hatsuunkan, simulating real fighting!
This is gekiken practice, also called “kendo’s ancestor”. Although the fans of the Shinsengumi, shogun’s special police force might have heard the word “gekiken”, its actual meaning is surprisingly unknown.
In this video, we are introducing what has thought to cover more than half of the practice of Tennen Rishin-ryu, the school of swordsmanship practiced by Shinsengumi heads Kondo Isami and Hijikata Toshizo, in the closing years of the Edo Period. The school’s Shihan, Kato Kyoji explains the basic principles and reasoning behind the techniques that made Shinsengumi such a formidable force.
Demonstrating striking, grappling and throwing techniques that differ from modern kendo, this is a stirring new take on classical martial arts’ practice.
Instruction, editorial supervision: Kato Kyoji
Tennen Rishin-ryu Bujutsu Hozonkai representative Shihan, Menkyo license holder and 10th generation successor. He is a student of Tennen Rishin-ryu’s 9th head, Hirai Taisuke from whom, before his passing, received a Menkyo license. He has demonstrated in many major classical martial arts demonstrations including at the Nippon Budokan and the Kashima Shrine. In 2016, he founded the Tennen Rishin-ryu Bujutsu Hozonkai with a mission to preserve the techniques of “Hatsuunkan” the Kondo lineage dojo and revive the pre-WWII practice of Gekiken. The organization is based at Tokyo’s Sumida Ward and has three branches outside Japan.
Assisting instructor: Sandro Furzi, Shihandai, Chugokui Mokuroku holder
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Introduction to Tennen Rishin-ryu Kenjutsu : "Gekiken practice" called "kendo's ancestor" for real fighting by Kato Kyoji

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