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The tanto is the small knife that the samurai carried sometimes in place of the wakazashi. the ability to use this smaller knife was essential for the warrior and many samurai clans also trained the women in its use. in this video over 60 forms are demonstrated of the Yoshida clan by the Soke system. This is the most complete and comprehensive record of authentic tanto-jitsu ever documented of an art in danger of extinction,performed in traditional setting and costume. The cover is original work by Soke Angier.

Don Angier instructs the tanto (Dagger) arts of Yanagi Ryu.


-Tanto jitsu basics
-Exercises & knife handling
-Manouvering, footwork, & tactics
-Defenses from sitting & standing
-Weapon defense
-2 man attacks
-3 man attacks

Don Angier sensei is the Soke, inheritor by direct succession of a classical ryuha, of Yanagi ryu Aiki Bugei of the Yoshida han. Angier sensei was bequeathed Yanagi ryu by Yoshida Kenji sensei the son of the famous Yoshida Kotaro. The fact that an ancient samurai ryuha has been inherited by a hakujin is unique. Angier sensei is one of the foremost teachers and practitioners of ancient samurai arts in the world.

Preserving the legacy of the Samurai traditions of the Yoshida han has been his life's work. He has been called by such notables as Stanley Pranin, editor and Publisher of Aikido Journal/Aiki News, "a martial arts genius".

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