Chinese Massage-Head Massage-Terapi Pijat Kepala untuk Kesehatan


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Head's massage is a traditional Chinese medical treatment which uses massage treatment in the particular area of people's head to cure diseases and make human body strong and healthy. It has both active and quiet features and is quite safe and not painful. The operation is rather simple and easy to learn.
This film introduces the detailed handlings of twenty treatment by massaging the head's points:

1. Cold
2. Cough
3. hiccough
4. headache
5. insomnia
6. swirling
7. apoplexy
8. hiccough and deaf
9. neurasthenic
10, asthma
11, stomachache
12, impotence
13. spermatorrhea
14. dysmenorrheal
15. maladjustment of menses
16. toothache
17. sciatica
18. carsickness
19. stiff neck
20. acute waist's wrick

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