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At last, a self-defense DVD for women! The mission of this brand new program: facing the most common aggressions and defend yourself effectively. MISSION 1 - SAFETY: Through this self-defense program for women, the instructors show you all the techniques to prevent the tactics used by most aggressors. Be able, without being scared, to open the door of your house, to safely show their way to someone in the street, or even to avoid car-jacking. Safety also means the assimilation of certain reflexes: holding your purse the right way, learn to scan the ''unsafe'' places (parking lots, elevators, basements...), assimilate the functioning of a few props such as a whistle or a tear gas grenade. MISSION 2 - SELF DEFENSE: You do not need to be an athlete or a champion to defend yourself. Our two experts show you simple and effective techniques to react appropriately against any aggression. The real life situations are filmed in a most realistic way, with various angles, in order to quickly teach you all the movements. Each simulated aggression is shown in slow motion with detailed commentary from our experts. Also on this DVD, training exercises that you can do at home to learn how to strike according to the aggression. Thanks to this revolutionary DVD, women will gain confidence and self-assurance, which will help dissuade any aggressor to actually attack them.

Alain Formaggio has been a police officer and an instructor for more than twenty years. He has a State Certificate in French Boxing, he teaches Savate Defense, Krav Maga and he is the National Technical Supervisor for Self Defense at the FFTS Federation. He currently teaches Self Defense at the Grenelle Dojo in Paris - the largest Club in Europe, where he trains many women. Eric Quequet is a former police officer (anti-crime units). He was in charge of close protection for the President, and is currently an instructor for firms and companies. He earned a State Certificate in French Boxing, and is a Technical Designer for Savate Defense. He created the Concept of Technical Adaptation in Situation, a system that takes into account the self-defense techniques, but also tactics and safety, as well as stress management.

Languages: French - English - German - Spanish
Extra Features: Interview with two experts in clinical medicine and psychology - Photo Gallery - Trailers.

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rilis 2013
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