Krav Maga For Everyone How To Disarm Attackers and Get Away Safely by Rodrigo Artilheiro
Learn to navigate the most dangerous situations with Krav Maga, taught by Rodrigo Artilheiro.
Rodrigo combines his knowledge of Judo, Jiu-Jitsu, Wrestling, and Krav Maga and provides a comprehensive look at disarming techniques.
Whether it’s from the front, behind, or side, Rodrigo has you covered from ALL angles.
Cover gun disarms as well as knife and stick tactics designed to keep you safe and put you in position to react.
This 4-part instructional takes you through steps to keep understand personal space and how to be prepared for the worst.
Rodrigo combines his knowledge of Judo, Jiu-Jitsu, Wrestling, and Krav Maga to give you a well rounded approach to prepare you for the worst scenarios that can unfold in REAL life. Learn to react from the most common attack situations and adapt to variables that arise. Artilheiro gives you the skills and practice strategies to keep safe.
One of the most important things to becoming proficient at real life disarms, is continuous practice. Rodrigo shows you how to drill your reactive response in a way that maintains realism but doesn’t break your training partners hand! Having the ability to drill tactics over and over is the only way to develop fluidity in your technique. IF you are forced to defend yourself in a situation that involves a weapon, swift and precise reaction can be life altering.
Extreme self defense scenarios are FULL of variables that can be difficult to adjust to. Rodrigo applies a grappling heavy approach that reduces the variables of most situations. If you can control how many variables that can occur you can find yourself in a better situation to control your attacker, and eventually subdue them. Rodrigo also covers weapon retention that can be applied even when you are caught off guard!
Krav Maga For Everyone: How To Disarm Attackers And Get Away Safely is a 4-part instructional dedicated to keeping you safe. Extreme self defense situations are rare, but it’s better to be prepared than caught off guard!
What Exactly Do You Get?
Part 1:
Disarming from the front, hands up 
Disarming from the front, hands down 
Disarming from the side 
Kidnap situation, disarming from behind
Part 2:
Hostage situation, disarming from behind
Hostage situation 2, disarming from behind 
VIP protection
Gun threat while hiding the weapon
Disarming from behind, gun in your back 
Disarming from the front, gun in your chest 
Disarming from the side, gun to your temple 
Disarming from the side, without the arm 
The four major steps every single unarmed team needs to follow to survive
Part 3:
Taking Control Of The Situation
Gun retention
Disarming when they control your arm
Stick disarming 
Disarming from inside the car
Cleaning up the neighborhood
Part 4:
Personal space and timeline of attack
Dealing With A Front Aggressor 
Disarming knife threats from the front 
Gun Retention From The Mount
Gun Retention When They Reach For Your Holster
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Krav Maga For Everyone How To Disarm Attackers and Get Away Safely by Rodrigo Artilheiro

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