Baji Thunder: Development: Da Baji

Continuing with his major presentation of Baji Quan, Sifu Adam Hsu presents a three DVD course all devoted to Baji’s most popular form: Da Baji or Big Baji.

The saying goes that the first form, Xiao Baji, is a “dead” or “structure” form and that Da Baji is a “live” form. Rather than emphasizing posture and structure, Da Baji introduces the fundamental fighting actions of the style, not to mention being a form beautiful for its simplicity. Not only does Adam Hsu give background, principles, goals and methods but he takes you back to traditional culture of Kung Fu by concentrating his excellent teaching method on the meaning and mastery of the movements, with the order and elaborations of the form as relatively insignificant. Not a simple empty-handed form instruction, the series is aimed at setting you not he road to high level Baji while also firming the foundation of your entire martial experience.

There is a fine point to be made here:: Hsu Sifu has done something almost unprecendented in this offering: he has chosen to NOT give typical instruction for the actual Da Baji form. To emphasize: there is no step-by-step instruction—plant your foot here, punch there, etc. Instead, Hsu has used this most important form to teach how to do Baji. He teaches not only each move, but the variations, methods and rationale for each move. Stringing them together into a form, given all this information, is the easy part.

Many practitioners, especially those with intermediate or advanced martial experience, will be able to use the many included form demonstrations, along with the foundational instruction, to learn the set. Or, even easier, is to pick up Hsu Sifu’s earlier DVD on Da Baji (information and discount info below) where he does teach this form step by step.

It is almost impossible to emphasize the importance of the lesson here: forms are important, but principles of usage are fundamental. Form derives from principle, usage is born from structure.

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The Baji Thunder Development by Adam Hsu

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