With his usual brilliant combination of scholarship and martial background, Adam Hsu shows the essence of Xing Yi. With his usual thoroughness, Hsu breaks down and presents XY from the first step upward. He goes into great detail on points most often skipped. His comments on the San Ti standing alone are insightful and eminently reasonable. He does not just show the elements, but he deconstructs them for proper form, benefits to the health, usage and how they fit together.

Adam speaks English as well as Chinese, but he decided to do this series with English subtitles so you get a feel of what his classroom/studio manner must be like when going at full tilt and it’s a wonder. Probably the best demonstration/explanation of Xing Yi in English and this is not even his strongest system. I had a brief dicussion with Adam on the subject once. He was the only student of a fellow professor in TaiPei. He studied for a year on the Split movement alone in a big auditorium where everyone else was jumping, spinning and enjoying open-handed forms and weapons of Kung Fu. When I asked him how he felt about that much time spent in basics he said that by the end of the year, “I know what Xing Yi is.” As you can see, he does.

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Xingyi Quan The Five Elements Boxing by Adam Hsu

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