Without question, one of the best straight sword sets in a whole group of centuries. Said to have originated in the Xing Yi style (no one knows for sure), San Cai offers the almost impossible to find correlation between a beautiful individual set and a partner form that actually uses the sword as it should be used. Four DVDs completely instruct you on each side of the form which is melded in individual performance, the two-person duet version of the form, and the most valuable and rarest part of all, the basics of sword technique, including the execution of the Ten Sword Strokes which make up the core of all sword forms and techniques. Much thoughtful information as well as a great form that doubles for single or duet practice.

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format file 4x MP4 360p
Chinese language subtitled in English
duration 4 hours 40 minutes
release December 2015

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Sancai Sword Three Talent Sword by Adam Hsu

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