Quintessence of Da Cheng Quan Series-Releasing Force-Huang Jingwen


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Though there are many forms of Releasing Foce in the practices of Da Cheng Quan, all of them are the explosions of force from different angles. With correct methods and maintenance of practicing, you'll be able to get steady Piling Force, and the force you release will be violent. So we say, making Piling Exercise is like saving money, and Releasing Force is like spending money. Bear this in mind. There are many technqiues to release force: Fixed-step Fist Techniques, Moving-step Fist Techniques, Palm Techniques, and Leg Techniques. All of them are simple and practical, easy to learn and use. The movements are well coordinated, and the force within them is appropriate. The crux to release force: Force focus on hands, attentions on the opponent. Under the huge nets, nothing can escape.

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durasi 55 menit
bahasa Cina
teks bahasa Inggris dan cina
rilis 2008
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