With numerous appearances in Pride, Rings, UFC, and the Brazil Open, Dan henderson is one of the most accomplished and recognized athletes in the history of mixed martial arts. A two time olympian and a three time national champion in Greco Roman wrestling, Henderson knocked out Renzo Gracie in Pride 13.

Vol 1: Controlling on Top - Training includes passing the guard, standing up, cradle pass, side mount, under hooks, stepping over arm and strike, 69 choke, half guard, choke to side mount, key lock and the mount.

Vol 2: Working for Submissions - Training includes avoiding the strikes, escaping the guard, striking from the guard, submissions from the guard, arm bar, triangle arm bar, escaping the mount, heab and body locks, escaping the side position, striking from the side mount, wrist control, elbow blocks, and head movement.

Vol 3: The Clinch/Closing the gap - Training includes cross or kick off his jab, closing the distancefrom your strikes, working the clinch with pummeling drills, under hooks, hip position, snap downs, knee bumps, double under hooks, take downs, pinch head lock, outside duck, and strikes from the clinch, knees, upper cuts and shoulder strikes.

Vol 4: Take downs - Training includes double leg, changing levels, avoiding the front choke, set ups, jabs, arm drags, follow opponents kick, take downs from collar ties, fake a double leg to set up Henderson's big bomb (Gilbert Yvel, Wanderlei Silva).

Vol 5: Chokes and Head Control - Training includes getting to the front head lock off the shoot, snap downs, side mount, controlling the head, front chokes with and without the arm, head snatch to neck crank, half guard to choke, judo head lock, stopping leg attacks to guillotine, hook into front head lock, defense to chokes and front head locks.

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Learn To Fight And Win-Dan Henderson

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