Making GWOH SAU Crossing Hands Work For You-Gary Lam


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Making GWOH SAU Crossing Hands Work For You-Gary Lam

Are you ready to take your WING CHUN skills to the next level? You may already know the basic WING CHUN forms as well as the wooden dummy set, but do you know where the crossing hands (GWOH SAU) techniques came from and how they can be used to your full advantage?

In this DVD, Sifu Gary Lam utilizes his more than thirty years of Wing Chun fighting and teaching experience to show you the source of each GWOH SAU action and how to apply them to combat.

These fundamental techniques are essential to developing a solid foundation for your WING CHUN ability, and will enable you to reach peak performance in your fighting skills.

With nearly an hour of rare and crucial information, Sifu Lam demonstrates the essentials of TAAN, FOOK, LAAP, KWAN, PAAK, BONG, TOH, KAM, DING and FONG HAU. Common mistakes and proper techniques are also pointed out.

BONUS CLIP: Sifu Gary Lam also performs the entire SIU NIM TAU form and uses original Chinese Cantonese language, for viewers to get a better understanding of the Wing Chun Terminology. English Subtitles are provided when Sifu Lam speaks Cantonese.

Beginners as well as advanced practitioners will benefit from the information contained in this DVD. Every technique is explained and demonstrated in FULL DETAIL, in a way that only Sifu Gary Lam can bring to you.

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