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Mantak Chia is a Taoist Master. He is best known for his teaching Taoist practices under the names of Healing Tao, Tao Yoga, Universal Healing Tao System and Qigong. Throughout decades of teaching, he has run numerous workshops, written a series of books, and published a number of training videos

Chi Self-Massage activates chi flow through your meridians. Increase your flexibility and circulation through self-massage and stretching techniques. These techniques teach you how to loosen, detoxify, and rejuvenate your body. This is a comprehensive approach to restore and increase your health.

As you experience the daily benefits from this practice you will see why this self-care practice is considered the energy medicine of the future.
Chi Self Massage presents a method of hands-on self-healing work using your own internal energy, or Chi, to strengthen and rejuvenate your sense organs (eyes, ears, nose, and tongue), your teeth, your skin, and your inner organs. Use these simple, highly effective, self-massage techniques to dissolve the energy blocks and stress points that are responsible for disease and the aging process. This form of massage is very different from muscular massage.

Taoist Rejuvenation practices date back 5000 years to the Yellow Emperor's classic text on internal medicine. Master Chia shows you how to use your internal concentration, along with gentle external stimulation, to activate healing energy (your Chi) in whatever area of your body you are working on. Practicing only five to ten minutes a day will improve your complexion, vision, hearing, sinuses, gums, teeth, tongue, internal organs, and general stamina.

Chi Self Massage takes you right into the classroom with Master Mantak Chia at his annual summer and winter retreats at Tao Garden. You will follow the same step-by-step instruction that his students at the retreat receive.

1. Universal Tao Introduction
2. Tendon Stretches
3. Directing the Energy
4. The Healing Hand
5. Massage the Head, Neck, Shoulder, and Sense Organs
6. Detoxifying Organs and Glands
7. Knees and Feet
8. Constipation
9. Daily Practice

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