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Discover the empowering and regenerating benefits of taking care of yourself.It is important that you understand how to work with your own internal energy in order to offer healing to others. Chi Nei Tsang 2 teaches you how to maintain a continual source of personal vitality and protect yourself from taking on the imbalance, tension or illness of others. By integrating these self massage, meditation, and Qigong exercises into your daily life you increase your effectiveness in any healing practice. These teachings are time honored Taoist techniques for developing and managing your own internal energy.

Keeping your body and energy system relaxed, grounded, and strong enables you to strengthen your healing path.

Healing Power Practice

On this DVD Master Mantak Chia shows you how to work with the energy of trees, both to ground toxic energy and to accumulate healing energy. He also shows you how to use self massage to heal yourself and how to cultivate internal energy to protect yourself while doing Chi Nei Tsang massage. Chi Nei Tsang's I Healing Power Practice presents important techniques for developing your internal energy in order to be more effective in doing Chi Nei Tsang massage.

The technique of Chi Nei Tsang I is to massage directly into the Navel Center and the surrounding abdominal area. In the Navel Center, stress, tension, and negative emotions accumulate and congest. When this occurs, all vital functions stagnate. Chi Nei Tsang I massage quickly releases the negative emotions, tensions and sickness bringing comfort and relief to the abdomen and vital energy to the internal organs.

Chi Nei Tsang's I Healing Power Practice takes you right into the classroom with Masters Mantak Chia at their annual summer retreat. You will follow the same step by step instruction that their students at the retreat receive. This DVD, shot in a high resolution format, combines rich detail and clear organization to give you a truly complete experience of the Master Chia's teachings.

1. Universal Tao Introductions
2. Chi Nei Tsang Healing Power Practice Introduction
3. Massaging Yourself
4. Cultivating Internal Energy
5. Using Trees to Transform Energy

Mantak Chia is a Taoist Master. He is best known for his teaching Taoist practices under the names of Healing Tao, Tao Yoga, Universal Healing Tao System and Qigong. Throughout decades of teaching, he has run numerous workshops, written a series of books, and published a number of training videos

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