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Transforming vital sexual energy is the beginning for having more meaningful and purposeful sex and love.
Inner Alchemy Sexual Practice guides you through traditional Qigong exercises that form the basis for directing arousal energy through your body and up to your brain. Expand your understanding of sexual energy cultivation through detailed theory and anatomy, combining Western and Taoist knowledge. These teachings can be used as a companion to Healing Love.

By cultivation sexual energy you strengthen your immune system and restore health and wholeness to your body.
Inner Alchemy Sexual Practice takes you into the classroom with Master Mantak Chia, author of the Multi-Orgasmic Couple, as he explains the secrets of sexual energy. Master Chia reveals how sexual energy is the foundation to abundant vitality, energy, spirituality, and a passionate loving relationship. Great sex bolsters the immune system, strengthens internal organs, enhances our emotional well-being, and inspires creativity. Considered to be one of the three treasures of life, sexual energy is the foundation for our life-force energy and spiritual awareness.

1. Tao Garden
2. Theory
3. The Sex Cells
4. Sexual Energy
5. Testicle & Ovarian Breathing
6. Sexual Practice

Mantak Chia is a Taoist Master.He was born in 1944 in Bangkok-Thailand. He is best known for his teaching Taoist practices under the names of Healing Tao, Tao Yoga, Universal Healing Tao System and Qigong. Throughout decades of teaching, he has run numerous workshops, written a series of books, and published a number of training videos. For this reason, some people call him an author, a teacher or a healer. He views himself primarily as a teacher, "who helps his students empower themselves through cultivation of their qi energy.

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