Mastering the De La Riva Guard-William Bittencourt


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Mastering the De La Riva Guard-William Bittencourt

This new series is the most complete and advanced work ever produced on the legendary De La Riva Guard. Starring Ricardo De La Riva Black Belt, William Bittencourt, this 5 volume DVD set covers this amazing guard with details and positions never seen before on any video series. This is the first and only series that actually teaches the De La Riva Guard using the ten positions method that De La Riva has personally developed.

From all ten positions, you will learn how to control, sweep, take the back and submit any opponent. You will also learn how to defeat the De La Riva Guard from the top position, something never covered before in any video. No other series on this subject even comes close to the amount of materiel on this massive DVD set! This is a must have set for any Sport Jiu-Jitsu player and is guaranteed to improve your guard game!

DVD 1. Ten Positions of the De La Riva Guard
This important DVD covers the ten basic and advanced positions of the De La Riva Guard. Brazilian Black Belt William Bittencourt will take you through in detail, the ten positions showing how each one works and the theory behind it. You will then learn all of the different grips and set ups used to hold your opponent in these different De La Riva Guard positions. You will also learn how to obtain the ten De La Riva guard positions from the closed guard, open guard and half guard. This is an extremely important DVD because you will be using all ten positions on the other DVDs to sweep, turnover and submit your opponent. Never before have these positions been shown in such and comprehensive and detailed way.

DVD 2 and 3. Sweeps and Taking the Back from The De La Riva Guard.
Using all ten positions of the De La Riva Guard, William teaches the most basic, intermediate and advanced sweeps and turnovers ever seen on video. You will learn these from all positions including the open and half guard with every grip variation. This is a counter for counter video were William will show the proper sweeps based on what guard pass or position the opponent is trying. Tons of sweep variations and counters on these 2 videos. You will also learn how to take the opponents back, one of the most common strategies from the De La Riva guard. The most complete video series ever created on the subject of De La Riva sweeps and turnovers.

DVD 4. Submissions from the De La Riva Guard.
This important video shows the most advanced and devastating submissions from the De La Riva guard ever seen! William Bittencourt teaches submissions from all ten guard positions including triangle chokes, collar chokes, foot locks, knee bars, shoulder locks, arm bars and much more. William teaches with tremendous detail with all of the variations and possibilities that can be done from the De La Riva guard. The submissions show on this video are worth the price of the whole set alone!

DVD 5. Passing the De La Riva Guard
This is the first video ever created on how to actually defeat and pass the De La Riva guard. William will teach you how to defend from being swept and how to counter and pass the dangerous De La Riva guard. This is an amazing video as you will also learn multiple submissions that can be accomplished when an opponent is using the De La Riva guard on you.

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