Fang Shen Do Grappling Series-Gokor Chivichyan 2011


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This set includes all new gi and nogi techniques by world renowned grappling expert Gokor Chivichyan.
Gokor has a different take on grappling, compared to most jiu-jitsu schools. Watch as Gokor combines sambo, jiu-jitsu, judo, greco roman, and free style wrestling into a unique fighting and submission system.
This set was filmed at the 2010 Fang Shen Do Fight Camp. Learn some of the secrets that have made Gokor's fighters extremely successful in MMA, Judo, & Sambo competition.
Disc 1:Nogi techniques
Nogi takedowns
armbar combinations
controlling your opponents body and taking away his power
special private one on one section where Gokor runs through more detail on each position you've just learned.
Disc 2: Gi & Nogi techniques
Gokor's favorite chokes
secret zig zag leg locks
omoplata shoulder locks
short arm scissors
escaping the back door
heel hook variations
arm bar defenses
special section shot at Gokor's 10,000 sq ft North Hollywood gym which covers kesa gatame escapes and rear mount defenses.
Bonus: Short excerpts from Fang Shen Do's Fight Camp

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