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Randy reveals the secret to his remarkable success at achieving the title of UFC heavyweight champion and demonstrates how others can train to become a competitive fighter. Randy is one of the most respected fighters in the mixed martial art circuit and is a former Oklahoma state university wrestling champion.

Vol 1: Special Tactics - Learn effective collar ties and powerful strikes: hooks, upper cuts, and elbows, under hooks, shoulder punches, and knee bumps.

Vol 2: Clinch Take Downs from the Dominant Position - Duck under, slide by, foot sweep, double under hook sweep, high single leg, inside trip, and body locks.

Vol 3: Closing the Distance - Defensive positions to close, elbow destructions, slip jabs and front kick penetration, basic swim technique, and arm drag.

Vol 4: Take Downs for Grappling - Elbow ties, bicep ties, elbow bicep combo, 2 on 1, hand fighting and wrist control, set ups, high crotch, low single, and knee taps.

Vol 5: Ground Fighting from a Wrestler's Perspective - Guard passes, escapes, single leg finishes, arm drag sweep, single to gramby, and triangle to hip toss.

Vol 6: The Fight Clinic - Fight clips, commentary, interview, and training tips. Includes Couture's five key skills and techniques that will help you fight like a champion: special tactics, clinch take downs, closing the distance, take downs for grappling, ground fighting from a wrestler's perspective

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