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This is what the DVD will contain:

- Introduction
- Weight lifting, Basic Workout, with Commentary
- Detailed Warm-up for MMA Training
- Working with Thai and Boxing Pads
- Sparring: Boxing and Wrestling

And this is true this is more or less exactly what it contains. The only problem is that it is marketed as an “instructional” and not as a documentary that simply shows how he trains.
In my eyes an instructional is where someone actually are trying to teach you something, pointing out the finer points of what you should do to get techniques to work and that simply isn’t happening here since it is really a documentary that shows a MMA workout and an strength training session.

The MMA training session is pretty interesting in the sense that it isn’t “sexy” in the way most sport superstars are portrayed in the media, usually they are trying to make it look a bit cooler for the media but nothing of that going on here, this is simply a bunch of sweaty men doing simple pummelling drills, kickboxing sparring, Greco wrestling and Mirko banging pads and focus mitts with some obvious power. Lots of grimacing and generally a very down to earth atmosphere.

The strength training part is not too much to speak about, Mirko has a goofy looking personal training with a long beard and 80s sweatpants and after a brief warm up consisting of running he hits a circuit of machines, back extensions and curls. Nothing fancy that you couldn’t have gotten out of a glossy bodybuilding mag and probably opposed to what most people are considering a “MMA specific” workout. Although you could argue that whatever Mirko is doing it is working this part of the DVD won’t teach most athletes anything new.

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