Fundamentals of Functional Striking by Stephen Whittier


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This is our most COMPLETE BLUEPRINT on striking from one of the HIGHEST RANKED Muay Thai experts in America Stephen Whittier.
From footwork and body placement, to building an OFFENSIVE and DEFENSIVE gameplan this series covers the theoretical WHY of STRIKING and takes you all the way to the REAL WORLD application or HOW of striking.
Known worldwide as one of the best martial arts instructors on the planet, Stephen Whittier is here to share with you over two decades of knowledge to rapidly INCREASE your learning curve no matter where you are in your martial arts journey!
Become more dangerous from EVERYWHERE!
Here’s just a quick outline of what you’re going to get in the Fundamentals of Functional Striking series.
In Part One Stephen Whittier lays the groundwork and core concepts for the series as a whole. From there it’s on to footwork and drills to reinforce the concepts. You’ll spend the rest of Part One learning how to set up and execute punches with more authority and power.
Part Two is dedicated to many powerful Thai kicks and teeps (pushes) that will annoy and frustrate your opposition.
Now that we’ve got some basics covered, in Part Three it’s time to start looking at our DEFENSE. The understanding of the Five Zones and the patterns will make you a more creative striker and more likely to dominate the opposition.
Part Four is all about combinations and turning our DEFENSE INTO OFFENSIVE OPPORTUNITIES. Learn how to capitalize on the opponent’s attacks and aggression and turn the tide back in your favor!
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