Winning The Battle For Pressure, Pace And Space by Jean Ndoye


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Join French MMA sensation and revered instructor, Jean “The Show” Ndoye for a look at some amazing striking concepts for MMA
Master crisp movement skills and drills to help you navigate the cage and dominate from the feet
Learn basic defensive measures so you can incur less damage in the MMA exchange
Discover new attacking sequences to build your offense
In Winning the Battle for Pressure, Pace, and Space, French MMA standout, Jean “The Show” Ndoye will share his HIGHLY EFFECTIVE blueprints for dominating MMA striking exchanges so that you can master the same skills that have made Ndoye such a force to be reckoned with inside the cage!
Every MMA fight starts on the feet and Ndoye is a master of the standing MMA battle. Skilled striking skills are CRITICAL when it comes to fighting in the cage and with Ndoye’s instruction, ANYONE can build a stronger more effective stand-up game!
You’ll begin with some instruction on movement so you can keep things CRISP AND SMOOTH, followed by some basic defensive concepts. Ndoye will follow up with some basic offense and some attacking drills to help you commit some important concepts to muscle memory. Round out the 4-part series with learning how to COMBINE YOUR DEFENSE AND OFFENSE so you can become the total package!
Don’t miss the chance to learn some of the most effective MMA striking concepts in the game! You’ll enjoy the basic concepts and drills from Ndoye and quickly recruit highly effective MMA striking strategies into your toolbox with world-class instruction and easy to follow guidance from Ndoye himself!
So, What Will You Learn?
Part 1:
How to Stand and Move 
Solo Move Drills
Basic Defense 1 
Basic Defense 2 
Basic Defense 3 
Basic Defense 4
Part 2:
Defense Drills 
Basic Punches 
Basic Kicks
Part 3:
Knees & Elbows from Clinch 
Attack Drills
Win the Pressure & Pace Battle
Part 4:
Few Attacking Systems 
Combine Defense and Offense Moves
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