Fundamentals of Power Punching by Cain Velasquez


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Throw and connect with more effective power than ever with lessons from 2-time UFC Heavyweight Champion Cain Velasquez
Strike with technique and precision as Cain teaches you the secret to building confidence and skill in your hands
Learn the same striking fundamentals that made Cain Velasquez one of the greatest UFC heavyweights ever, with devastating knockout ability
Without ever winding up and giving up position, deliver punches that carry real power (no super strength needed)
Work from good striking position and deliver power punches that your opponents feel, with these technical tips from 2-Time UFC Heavyweight Champion Cain Velasquez. The American Kickboxing Academy product teaches you how he combines his striking fundamentals for successful combinations and knockouts, with workouts you can do from anywhere.
On this two-volume series, Cain explains how he combines his unique heavyweight movement with precision punching behind a careful jab, and how he mixes in a right hand for fight-changing results. You can learn from the champ himself, as he explains some of the same combinations that won him his biggest UFC championship fights.
Learn from the man himself, as Cain explains his striking philosophies, and the lessons he thinks every student of striking should know. These concepts work in boxing, thai boxing, and MMA, because they are focused on universal proven tactics around safety, leverage, and technique.
Let your techniques flow with Cain’s fundamentals around positioning and moving so that you can keep your defense and offense fluid and effective. Across this two-volume series, you will see how Cain became one of MMA’s most dangerous heavyweight strikers ever, even though he grew up wrestling and usually gave up 20-30 pounds against his opponents.
So, What Exactly Do You Get?
Part 1:
Introduction to the Jab 
Basic Jabbing Concepts 
Jabbing Distance
Connecting With Power 
Working With Motion 
Closing Thoughts on the Jab
Part 2:
Introduction to the Right Hand 
Right Hand Fundamentals 
Body Mechanics
Putting It All Together 
Following Up In Good Position
Jabbing Distance
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