Crash Course Striking For MMA by Kyle Bochniak


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Kyle teaches you some of the best hard-hitting combinations that he used in the UFC.
Tie it all together with a gameplan. Kyle shows you how to put the pieces of the puzzle together so that you can make it work in the cage!
Discover defensive strategies that keep you out of danger, while giving you the opportunity to counter.
Use slips, feints, and weaves to set up your next combo OR close the distance!
Develop a solid approach from the ground up with Crash Course Striking For MMA!
Become more dangerous from everywhere
Part 1:
Fundamentals - Foot work and defense solo drills - Forward, back, right, left 
Triple step Getty up
Establish range 
Long step 
Push step 
Lateral movement to pivot - left/right 
L-steps - left/right
Part 2:
Offensive strikes - Boxing Strikes
Muy Thai Strikes 
Jab Partner drills
Long range basic combination - Combo 1 Jab + cross + hook + outside leg kicks 
Combo 2 Jab + cross + hook + body kick 
Combo 3 Jab + cross + liver + leg kicks
Combo 4 Jab + cross + slide + step through cross + left body kick
Combo 5 Jab + cross + hook + slip inside + liver + frame & knee
Fundamentals sequence one 
Fundamentals sequence two 
Plumb Position
Part 3:
Long Range Advance Combination - Combo 1 long step jab + inside slip + 7-3-2 + weave + step through cross + left body kick 
Combo 2 A Opposite stance + feint jab + slide & frame/push step + 1-2-3/step knee/elbow/kick 
Combo 2 B lateral movement & pivot to regular stance + feint jab + slide & frame/push step + 1-2-3/knee/elbow/kick
Combo 3 A Opposite stance + feint jab +slide/frame/push step through cross/body kick + frame 
Combo 3 B Regular stance + feint jab + slide/frame/push step/ jab - step through cross/body kick + frame 
Combine advance combinations #1, #2 and #3 to create complete advance sequences
Counter kick partner drills (this can be done back and forth) - Catch body kick + cross to body, eject + body 
Catch kick sweep 
Catch kick + step though single leg trip 
Catch kick body lock 
Check kick counters
Part 4:
Close the distance - Close with split to clinch combo 1 Slip outside, push step/ 1-2-3 + step knee/clinch/knee/elbow 
Close with slip to clinch combo 2 Slip inside, 7-10-3- knee/clinch + knee + elbow
Close with split jab to fit combo 1 Split jab + 2-7-4-3/double leg 
Close with split cross to fit combo 2 Split cross + 3-2/snatch single leg + double 
Advance partner Defense and Counter drill 
Slip counter drill
Cover counters drill - Same side 
Opposite side
Split Drill Split jab + Split cross, 7-2-3 
Clinch - Introduction to the clinch Plumb Defense and Plumb Control 
Plumb Position Partner Drill
Collar tie overview and partner drill 
Clinch Breakdowns - Collar tie 
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