Attacks, Counter and Feints for MMA by Randy Steinke


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Use FOUR distinct series to increase your ability to strike within the unique ranges of MMA.
Don’t leave yourself open for takedowns, avoid the ground with foundational footwork that keeps you a step ahead.
Become hard to hit with Randy’s creative counter series where he teaches stinging counterstrikes.
Use the cage to your advantage with cage-specific attacks.
Discover new ways to trick your opponent with Randy’s feints and fakes. Open opportunities to close in for a takedown or step in with an elbow!
Part 1:
Backdoor series 
Closed Stance 
Backdoor from Open Stance 
Rear Leg Superman “S”
Failed Rear Leg “S” to Left Kick 
Lead Leg “S” 
Skip Knees from Rear and Lead Leg “S” 
Fast Ball
Change Up 
Open and Drive
Close and Drive 
Switch Pick 
Flair Series 
Rick Flair 
Cutting Short
Part 2:
Cage Attack Series 
Drop Skips 
Feint Low Lead Bow 
Part 3:
“Counter Series”
Jab Counters 
Parry Low 
Parry “1” Low
Counter Jab Cross 
Counter Cross Hook 
Counter Hook Cross 
Low Kick Counter “1” 
Low Kick Counter “2”
Knee Check
Check Hook /Backwards Hook 
Head Kick Defense 
Left High Kick Defense 
Chicken Wing left Head Kick Defense 
Body Kick defense
Round Kick Parry 
Front Kick defense 
K N H Right Side
K N H Reactive Right Side 
K N H Left Side 
Right Side Iso 
Left Side Iso 
Right and Left Side Iso 
Rhythm Distance Resets “RDR” 
Timing Of Two Hands
Cross Hook 2
Backwards Hit Drill 
Double Barrel Reload
Flow Drill
Part 4:
“Foot Work Series”
“L” Pattern 
“L” Pattern in Lateral Motion 
Lead Foot Feints 
Rear Foot Feints
Double Step Feint 
Pumps and Flairs
Reasons for Feinting
Steps Pops and Shuffles
High Low 
Double Barrel Reload
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