European Striking Fundamentals by Morgan Charriere


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Master European secrets of striking fundamentals with French MMA sensation, Morgan Charriere
Charriere is currently fighting for Cage Warriors and boasts a 15-7 MMA record with several KO and TKO finishes to his credit
Learn the most important basic techniques including strikes like the jab, hook, and uppercut, along with counters, and combinations that will make navigating the standing exchange as a beginner easier than ever!
With European Striking Fundamentals, you'll receive basic, helpful, and elite level instruction from French MMA standout Morgan Charriere on the basics of stand-up fighting. You’ll use the same basic skills and techniques that helped Charriere transform himself into a dangerous and formidable striker, to build your own striking toolbox into a menacing skill set that will serve you for years to come!
We all know the basics are key to developing a solid foundation in our training! Without a good understanding of this general knowledge, you can forget about taking your skills into the ring or even becoming an advanced striker! Charriere has the experience, the knowledge, and the know-how to help you become a more proficient and dangerous stad-up artist!
In part 1, Charriere will jump right into basic punching concepts that will help you to understand how these fundamental strikes are launched to give you the best chance possible of connecting with power and accuracy. In part 2 you'll dive into kicks and learn some of the most efficient ways to get the lower body moving, so that you can cultivate energy and strike with efficiency using your legs.You'll wrap things up in part 3 with some combination work and multiple “catch and counter” techniques that will help you prepare for the real standing exchange!
If you're a beginner in need of some guidance this is the perfect opportunity! Charriere provides easy to follow instruction and incredibly efficient technique to make sure that you're building a solid foundation and not skipping the important stuff. He knows what works, what you need, and how to convey that information in a simple and basic manner! 
Part 1:
Basic Punches
The Jab 
The Cross And The Overhand 
The Hook 
The Uppercut
Part 2:
Basic Kicks 
Low, Middle And High Kicks
Part 3:
Catch And Counter 1 
Catch And Counter 2 
Catch And Counter 3 
Catch And Counter 4 
Catch And Counter 3
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