No Holds Barred Vale Tudo by Francisco Bueno

5 DVD Set by Francisco Bueno

By the age of 17, Francisco Bueno had already won three titles in his native Brazil. Trained in Jiu Jitsu under one of the country's foremost instructors, Andre Pederneiras, Francisco branched out to train in Vale Tudo. After relocating to Los Angeles, Bueno developed an amazing curriculum of Vale Tudo techniques and training which are a must for any practitioner of "non-gi" or MMA fighting. 

Volume 1 Vale Tudo Attacks - some of his favorite Vale Tudo and MMA attacking techniques.  52 minutes

Volume 2 Vale Tudo Defenses - how to defend against attacks in Vale Tudo and MMA.  56 minutes.

Volume 3 Takedowns and Sweeps - the fine art of getting your opponent down. Bueno demonstrates the most effective No Holds Barred takedowns and sweeping moves.  52 minutes.

Volume 4 Submission Holds - Bueno teaches his favorite submission holds and how to apply them.  52 minutes.

Volume 5: Defenses for Submission - how to defend against your opponent's attempts to make you submit. How to grab victory from defeat!  52 minutes.

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Format file 5x MP4 480p
duration 4 hours 14 minutes
Release November 2000

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No Holds Barred Fighting Systems Vale Tudo by Francisco Bueno

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