Thai Boxing Low Kicks by Manachai


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Thai Boxing Low Kicks by Manachai
Chop down the opposition with systematic setups and creative combinations.
Manachai has over 300 fights!
Balance is KEY, learn how to fight from a solid foundation that allows you to explode into your attacks.
Your opponent will question every move they make, after landing a couple of Manachai-style low kicks.
Take your striking to another level with Thai Boxing: Low Kicks!
Manachai is part of the YAKKAO fight team in Bangkok, where he trains with Singdam and Saenchai! With over 300 fights at only 23 years old, Manachai has a lifetime of experience chopping at people’s legs with BRUTAL low kicks. Thai Boxing: Low Kicks is a 2-part step-by-step guide to systematically set up low kicks.
Efficient striking is all about the setups. The Low kick is one of the most versatile attacks that not only can end the fight on its own but lends itself PERFECTLY to the rest of your striking strategy. The key is linking it ALL together!
So, What's On This Series?
Manachai starts this instructional by teaching you the key components of finding your balance when whipping limb destroying kicks. This platform provides the launchpad for a vast amount of knees, elbows, punches, and kicks. He then goes into how to generate power with knee strikes and kicks from this newfound balance. Once you understand these key concepts, creative combinations start to present themself!
Manachai then goes into his favorite striking combinations. Thai Boxing: Low Kicks teaches you how to force your opponent to react only to leave them open for the next attack. This cascade of combinations is hard to stop and easy to understand. Manachai teaches you how to control the flow of the fight with creative combos and limp-inducing low kicks!
What Exactly Do You Get?
Vol. 1:
Right hand low kick
Right hand to hook to jump low kick 
Right hand to left uppercut to low kick 
Right hand to slide step back to low kick 
Right hand to step out to low kick 
Right hand to upper cut to low kick 
Right hand to slip hook body to low kick
One two, slide step to right upper cut to right hook to right low kick 
Right hand to left hook to slip to left uppercut to low kick 
One two to slide step to low kick 
Catch front kick to body hook, and catch body kick to right cross 
Catch front kick to jump knee
Kick leg away to triple low kick
Step hook to up elbow
Vol. 2:
Left knee to up elbow/jab to elbow to fake knee to up elbow
Jab to up elbow to overhand elbow 
Right hand to back spinning elbow 
Right hand to front kick to jump elbow
2 right body kicks to switch left kick to elbow 
Step to up kick to right hand 
Right hand to double jab step out to body kick 
Double uppercut to head kick
One two punch body to high kick 
Front kick to jump knee 
Blocks to step back from punches
Step back to low/body kick 
Fake block to body kick 
Question mark kick 
Freestyle low kick pad work
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