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Explore the most effective countering strategies in muay thai from WBC World Muay Thai Champion, Singdam
Master the skills that have carried Singdam to countless victories and won multiple prestigious muay thai titles
Discover numerous high percentage counters, backed with world class instruction and years of experience
If you’re looking beef up your muay thai toolbox and become a more dynamic fighter, this is the perfect series for you
With Muay Thai Counters, You’ll receive HIGH LEVEL instruction dealing in counters from Singdam, one of the most decorated muay thai fighters in the history of the sport. With these new skills you will become a more COMPLETE FIGHTER and learn not only how to defend strikes but also how to turn these defensive exchanges into opportunities to MOUNT DEVASTATING OFFENSE.
The ability to EFFECTIVELY COUNTER and go on the offensive is a critical one. In over 350 fights and nearly 3 decades of muay thai training and competition, Singdam has perfected the art of the counter and he’s ready to share his amazing skill set with the masses!
In the perfect 2 part series, Singdam will instruct you on an entire library of countermeasures, blocking a variety of strikes and answering with vicious combinations. You'll take advantage of your opponent’s attempts at offense and turn them into opportunities to INFLICT DAMAGE AND SCORE! Singdam will also provide you with numerous combinations, using fakes and deception to land crippling blows and end matches!
This is a unique opportunity to delve deep into the world of muay thai counters with a legend of the sport. The ability to defend is important but the ability to counter is paramount. These are the exchanges that win fights and no one does it better than Singdam!
So, What's On This Series?
Part 1:
Balance for fighter 
Proper knee technique (both legs) 
Block kick to return kick 
Kick technique 
Front kick
Right punch to up elbow 
Block/step back to body kick/head kick 
Punch step out hook to body kick
One two punch to slip/step out hook 
Block front kick, return body kick/knee/elbow/punch 
One two step out, body hook to up elbow
Right hand left/right body kick
Part 2:
Block knee to elbow
Faint kick to body kick 
Faint kick to Superman punch
Jab to fake front kick to up/slide elbow
Power punch to fake front kick to elbow 
Step away from punch to knee to elbow 
Punch to body kick to elbow
Body kick to low kick back to body kick (3 kicks) 
Catch kick to elbow leg to back elbow 
Clinching - Stepout to knee 
Sweep out of clinch 
Catch leg to sweep 
Freestyle pad work
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