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Master Skens Dynamite Muaythai, Thai-boxing DVD will take you on an incredible journey displaying his dynamic range of skills and knowledge that is invaluable to anyway wishing to learn or enhance their Muaythai.
Perfecting his Art Of Muay Thai over 47 years he has finally produced his first in many instructional DVDs showing a range of devastating techniques incorporating the Ancient Art of Muay Boran.
All styles from Thai Boxing, MMA, Kickboxing, Kung Fu, Ju Jitsu and many more will greatly enhance their striking abilities and knowledge of Muaythai from this DVD.
All levels of techniques are performed by Master Sken himself. See incredible fight footage of some of the greatest knockdowns in the history of the sport.Multi angled shots and slow motion
Learn strategies from all the key areas of Muaythai
•    Cherng Chok (Punch Strategies)
•    Cherng Sok (Elbow Strategies)
•    Cherng Khaow (Knee Strategies)
•    Brampmuay (Clinch Work)
•    Cherng Thao (Kicking Strategies)

This DVD is a great opportunity to take knowledge and guidance from a man who has dedicated his life to Martial Arts.

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