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Complete 6 volume DVD set featuring Maha Guru Victor de Thouars; head of VDT and renown expert on the Indonesian martial art of Pentjak Silat Serak.
Volume 1 Blitzing Hands - Learn how to use the empty-hand applications of trapping; body angling and physics to become a more effective fighter. 55 min.
Volume 2 Blitzing Blades - Learn the defensive principles and unique applications of Combat Silat with the knife and other edged weapons.
Volume 3 Blitzing Sticks & Hands - Learn unique applications combining the stick and empty hands.
Volume 4 Blitzing Silat Sticks - Learn the deadly techniques of Silat sticks. 58 min.
Volume 5 Combative Silat Blitzing Sambuts - Learn the concepts of angulation and fighting strategies of Combat Silat. Maximum results with minimum effort. 54 min.
Volume 6 the Blitzing Silat Hands & Blades - Learn combining edged weapons and empty-hand techniques. Learn to coordinate hands and blades. 60 min.
The Indonesian art of Serak is considered one of the world's most aggressive and effective forms of self-defense. Based on principles founded by Pak Serak, an Indonesian master with one good arm and one good leg on opposite sides of his body, it is known for its ingenious strategies and concepts. Victor deThouars is a third-generation master of the art. In Combat Silat, he adapts the unique principles and concepts of Serak specifically for self-defense.
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rilis 2002
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