Gi To Street Self-Defense by Eli Knight


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A violent assault happens EVERY 34 seconds—Are you ready?
BJJ Black Belt and SELF DEFENSE Guru Eli Knight CUTS THROUGH THE BS on GI to STREET SELF DEFENSE— You might THINK you learned the KNEE ON BELLY choke in class—but can it save you on the STREET?
Build CONFIDENCE knowing you have the best WEAPONS available—giving you LIFE SAVING powers.
Unleash BOTH SIDES of the martial arts coin and gain the PRACTICAL SKILLS to protect yourself and your loved ones.
The BASIS of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is SELF DEFENSE—Medals and tournaments are great—but when push comes to shove—CAN YOU PROTECT YOURSELF? Most people are looking for ways to be more CONFIDENT in those strange situations where you find yourself ISOLATED or ALONE. Long time BJJ Black Belt and SELF DEFENSE expert Eli Knight brings you the BEST resource to TRANSLATE the skills and techniques learned in the academy for use in the streets and beyond.
None of us are looking for a fight—but heaven forbid—the fight comes to you—WILL YOU BE READY?
See these powerful jiu jitsu moves shown as you might learn them in your gym and then IMMEDIATELY watch the same moves shown in street clothes—filled with real-world details that you never think about during class!
So, What's On This Series?
Eli Knight has jammed this FOUR VOLUME set with only the most EFFECTIVE and DEADLY submissions to give you MAXIMUM confidence no matter what dark alley or isolated location you find yourself in.
Get perfect choke mechanics in the GI from ALL of the dominant positions like MOUNT, KNEE ON BELLY, and GUARD for example—and watch how these same POWERFUL moves can become LIFE SAVING skills for self-protection.
So, What Exactly Do You Get?
Part 1:
Material Considerations 
Rear Chokes Mechanics - Gi 
Standing Rear Chokes - Street Application 
Standing Front Chokes - Gi 
Standing Front Chokes - Street Application
Part 2:
Turtle Chokes - Gi 
Turtle Chokes - Street Application 
Top Side Control Chokes - Gi 
Top Side Control Chokes - Street Application
Part 3:
Knee on Belly Chokes - Gi
Knee on Belly Chokes - Street Application 
Mount Attacks - Gi 
Mount Chokes - Street Application
Part 4:
Guard Chokes - Gi
Guard Chokes - Street Application
Back Mount Chokes - Gi 
Back Mount Chokes - Street Application
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